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Surgical Services of Dr. TaheriAzam

Treatment Of Hip Fractures 

The most common cause of pelvic and hip fractures is falling from a high height or a severe trauma to the bone as a result of an accident. Conditions such as osteoporosis in the elderly... (Read more)

Pelvic Joint Reoperation​​​​​​​

There are several reasons for the need for re-surgery or revision surgery of pelvic, including:
The artificial pelvic prosthesis may be worn or broken... (Read more)

Pelvic Joint Replacement​​​​​​​

The most common causes of pelvic joint injury are: Osteoarthritis, congenital pelvic diseases and post-traumatic arthritis... (Read more)

Surgery Of Bone Tumors 

The underlying cause of bone tumors is not known, but in general, tumors occur when cells in a part of the body rapidly... (Read more)

Knee Joint Replacement

The most common cause of chronic knee pain and knee replacement is arthritis or joint swelling. Different types of arthritis include... (Read more)

Blackening Femoral Head

Avascular necrosis is caused by disruption of blood flow to the bone. Without blood flow, bone cells die and eventually the bone joint... (Read more)

Better Life After Pelvic Joint Replacement Surgery

Leg pain that caused by osteoarthritis of the pelvis is the cause of disability in many patients. These patients, who have difficulty performing simple, everyday tasks before surgery, are surprised by the outcome of the surgery after a joint replacement; Hip replacement surgery not only completely cures leg pain immediately after surgery, but also frees the patient from disability and wheelchairs. After completing a full course of physiotherapy, patients can walk as much as they want without feeling pain and fatigue, and engage in their favorite activities without restriction. Following some precautions and minor restrictions after pelvic joint replacement surgery will help extend the life of the replaced joint. You can contribute to your recovery process by following the necessary restrictions and recommendations after joint replacement surgery.

Quality of life after pelvic joint replacement
Success rate of pelvic joint replacement surgery

Driving after hip replacement surgery
​​​​​​​Pelvic joint replacement and its effect on sexual intercourse